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Salvage Grocery Stores Near You (Complete List 2023)

Salvage Grocery Stores Near You

If you are someone who is looking for ‘Salvage Grocery Stores Near me, then this article can be helpful in finding discount grocery stores in the US. There are a lot of less fortunate people and low-income families who might not be eligible for government assistance programs such as the SNAP Food Stamps.

They can seek help from Salvage Grocery Stores to get food and grocery items at low prices.

If you are new to the concept of a Salvage Store, then this article will help you out with understanding what a Salvage Grocery Store is and how a Salvage Discount Grocery Store work. We have also tried to answer as many related queries as possible. So make sure to go through them all to know how to buy like a Pro at Salvage Stores.

Salvage Grocery Stores Near Me

There are multiple Salvage Grocery Stores Near Me and all across the United States. It’s just that the majority of the Salvage stores are run independently and have negligible branding as compared to large retailers such as Target, Safeway, Walmart, and so on.  So it can get difficult to find these stores around you.

However, with the help of the below article, you will be able to get familiar with some of the most well-known Discount grocery stores that you can reach out to in order to get grocery items at low prices. So what are you still waiting for? Here we are sharing with you all Salvage Grocery Stores Near Me – Complete List 2023. Dive in!

What is a salvage store?

What is a salvage store

A Salvage grocery store, as the name itself suggests, is a grocery store that buys its merchandise from grocery reclamation centers that include items in dented or torn packaging, Store closeouts, Salvage from truck wrecks, Food, and items that are near or past its expiration, Items in seasonal or otherwise-dated packaging, Manufacturer overstock, and so on. 

Contrary to what traditional grocery stores are like, which stock the same items every week, Salvage Grocery Stores stock different items each week, depending on the availability of items. Certainly, the prices of items at a Salvage Grocery Store are much less and discounted as compared to other grocery stores.

Such stores can be a great option for those who are on a low budget and cannot afford to buy groceries from usual stores and at general prices. Many low-income families might not be able to afford everyday grocery items. A lot of people thus switch to Salvage Grocery stores that can offer the same things at a lower price.

Nationwide Salvage Stores

Given below are some of the most well-known Nationwide Salvage Stores that you can find around you. These discount grocery stores offer multiple discounts and sales on groceries and other items. You can visit any of these salvage stores near you to get grocery items at a low price.

  • Misfits Market

Misfits Market is an organization that works with farmers and food makers to help reduce the waste of food. One can get vegetables, meat, cereals, pet food, canned goods, coffee, baking supplies, cookies, beverages, seafood, fruits, cheese, other dairy products, and so on.

Almost all the foods and other items offered by Misfits Market are priced at up to 40% less than the prices offered at local grocery stores. You can visit their official website at www.misfitsmarket.com to get more information and updates about the store.

  • Local Harvest

Community Supported Agriculture programs help reduce in waste of food at the farm production level, reduction in carbon footprint as well as a reduction in waste from packaging. You can participate in such CSA Programs and buy imperfect produce at a lesser price from your local area. You can visit the official website of Local Harvest at LocalHarvest.org to find a Community Supported Agriculture program near you. 

You can also check the official page of the USDA National Agriculture Library to get more information about the Community Supported Agriculture programs that sell Local Harvests at lower prices.

  • Too Good to Go 

You can use the too-good-to-go app to find cafes, restaurants, as well as bakeries around you that participate and offer rescue surprise bags with unsold food to needy people. You can collect the food at a predetermined time and save food wastage as well. 

  • Price Rite Marketplace

Price Rite Marketplace can help you save up to 20-50% of the money as compared to your traditional grocery store. Price Rite Marketplace actually sells regular products as well as private label products. In addition to this, they also sell surplus and Salvage groceries that can be seen under their “special buys” section.

As per what has been mentioned on their website, Price Rite Marketplace offers special purchases. You can easily find these special buys all across their stores. They are present in numerous states such as – New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Maryland.

  • Ollie’s Bargain Outlet

Ollie’s Bargain Outlet Is currently available only in Kansas and Texas as per the listings on the official website. It seems the organization has not updated its website for some time now since we could locate its stores in other areas as well. These areas included – Tennessee, Alabama, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Arkansas, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and so on.

  • United Grocery Outlet

Yet another discount grocery retailer is the United Grocery Outlet. This discount grocery store offers products that have been closed out, overstocked, products in trial versions, or limited-time products. They are also known to offer products that have Recently changed their packaging. You can find United grocery outlets in the state of – Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Kentucky, and so on.

  • Hungry Harvest

Hungry harvest is yet another popular Salvage Grocery store That is present in multiple areas of South Florida, Virginia, Southern New Jersey, Philadelphia & Surrounding Suburbs, Northern Delaware, North Carolina, Washington DC, Detroit Metro Area, MI, Maryland, and so on. 

This  Play Store delivers Salvage products of both organic as well furniture with a variety of advanced fresh eggs, bread, Pantry staples, cheese, coffee, and so on. You can also get customized boxes starting at the price of just $15.

  • Flash Food

Flash food is yet another Salvage grocery store that is spread across the US. You can shop for fresh food items like vegetables and meat with huge discounts using the Flashfood app. The products offered by them are generally nearing the best before-date Grocery stores in the US and Canada. Hence, they offer huge discounts on the Purchase you make. 

  • Grocery Outlet

Grocery Outlet is popular and runs in around six states with over 270 stores. They are present in the states of Idaho, California, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Oregon, and Washington.

  • Imperfect Foods

Imperfect foods are one of the most sought-after discount grocery stores, especially in the areas of the West South Central region, Northeast, and Midwest. They are also present in certain big cities on the west coast. 

Imperfect Foods delivers various Salvage products such as snacks, groceries staples, and pantry items to your home. You can check if Imperfect foods deliver to your location by visiting the official website at – imperfectfoods.com/join and entering the zip code.

  • Save-A-Lot

Save-A-Lot is one of the most popular and largest discount grocery stores in the US and has over 900 stores in around 32 States. This chain of stores does not really classify as a Salvage Store. However, low-cost store brand items and fresh produce and meat. You can find only e q limited size and a variety of brand items at their Store.

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Tips for Shopping Salvage Grocery Stores

Given below are some of the tips that one must take into consideration by shopping at Salvage grocery stores. When I first shopped at a Salvage Store, these tips were helpful to me, and thus I have thought of sharing my experience until now with you. 

  • Check the Packaging 

You would, of course, want to buy anything that is well-packed. At times when the packaging is not completely torn off, you may still be able to use the product inside of it. However, be very attentive when you are shopping at discount grocery stores since even a little dent or leakage can be very harmful to the product inside. Generally, salvage stores do not offer leaked items for sale, but it is still better to be cautious while making the purchase.

  • Understand the Dates

Note that Sell-by, use-by, and best-buy dates are all different terminologies and mean different things. Make sure to understand the difference between all of them before you buy anything at Salvage stores.

A huge part of the stock at discount grocery stores is near its expiration date, and thus it can also be past the date. The items, however, will have dates written on the labeling. Such dates can be quite confusing even to the best of us. So be careful of what has been written over the product. 

  • Checkout for calls

When you are shopping at any of the Salvage Grocery Stores Near You, you should not find any recalled items. It is always better to be cautious of recent recalls when you are going to shop at any discount grocery store. 

Warnings about Salvage Grocery Store 

Before you make a purchase at any Salvage Store, there are certain things that you need to be very careful about. Given below are the things you need to be careful about MI shopping at a grocery salvage store. 

  • Do not buy baby food or baby formula that is expired at any Salvage Store. Baby food is the only food product that requires dating, as per the Federal government
  • Note that dented cans are not always safe enough. A small dent can still be fine, but if you see any chance that it has big dents or leaks along the top or side seam, then do not buy such cans. The same goes for cans that are leaking or bulging. 
  • Do not buy over-the-counter drugs that have expired. Buying such expired products can be very harmful to you and result in adverse chemical exposure to the person consuming them. 
  • Frozen foods are still a safer option as they are still safe after the expiration date, provided that they have been kept frozen. In case you come across any improper food storage system at a Salvage grocery store, then do not buy such frozen foods.

How to find a Salvage Grocery Store?

How to find a Salvage Grocery Store

In order to find a Salvage grocery store near you, you can check the website – Extremebargains.net. The mentioned website is a directory of Salvage and discounts grocery stores in the US. This website is very helpful in finding a nearby Salvage store.

You can also refer to the local phone book in the ‘grocers’ section to see if you can find anything there. Try looking for keywords such as –  “outlet,” “salvage,” or “discount.” Those who live near an Amish community can find an Amish-run Salvage store around them. You can also ask the local people who might know about the Salvage stores around me.

Things to take into consideration while buying from a Salvage Grocery Store

Now that you have understood the working and importance of a Salvage grocery store, especially for low-income families, and if you are looking forward to buying groceries and other items from a Salvage Store, then to help you are given below are certain things that you must take into consideration while buying from any Salvage Store. These points are quite crucial and can be very helpful to you. 

First of all, when you are buying from always grocery store, you might come across various brands that you have never seen before. If you are trying out a new brand or product for the first time, then make sure that you buy only a small amount of it. So that if you like it, you can talk about it later or if you don’t there will not be much of a waste.

Another thing to take into consideration is that since, in most cases, you will be buying items that are quite old and nearing the expiration date, see that you buy a small amount of it which will be adequate for you, and you will be able to use it all rather than throwing it away.

Just know that celebrate stores may or may not accept credit cards or out-of-town checks. A majority of the Salvage stores accept cash or debit cards only. Salvage stores are generally open on certain days and for Limited hours as well. Make sure that when you are planning to go, just call them once to be assured that the store is open. 

Some of the salvation through was also accepting manufacturer coupons. So if you have any, you can use that as well. Also, keep in mind that you will not find all items at the store and might not be able to do all the grocery shopping there.

However, you can start shopping there and then go to any traditional grocery store to find items that you could not get at Salvage stores. 

One might think that they might not get the best items for the price at Salvage stores. In such cases, if they are skeptical about Salvage stores, they can still take advantage by buying items using points and during sales.

At Salvage stores, you can also find various Deals And offers on beauty products, office supplies, party supplies, health products, cleaners, pet food, and so on.

And last but not least, Salvage grocery stores do not generally take Returns. You might get an item that is damaged or bad at times, but you will not be able to return it and get a refund. To avoid such mishaps, make sure to buy only what you want and be very careful while making any purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Given below are some of the most frequently asked questions with regard to how to find a Salvage grocery store near me, how Salvage grocery stores work, and the like. If you are also looking for answers to questions related to Salvage stores, then the below answers might be of help to you. 

How do I find a salvage store near me?

It can be quite difficult to find a Salvage grocery store near you as one is generally aware of the huge brand grocery stores like Safeway, Walmart, Target, Albertsons, and so on. Salvage stores, however, are local, small, and owned independently. Hence, not many people would be aware of these stores.

For your convenience, in this article, we have included some of the well-known Salvage grocery stores in the United States. 

Where do salvage grocery stores get their items?

Salvage Grocery stores buy items from reclamation centers.  They do not take where most of the financial supermarkets do. They take items from grocery store manufacturers or distributors who find any defects like dents in cans, etc.

Various big retailers offload such defective, overstocked, or undesirable items to Salvage stores. This is where salvage grocery stores get their items from.

Are salvage stores safe?

As long as you know the basic rules of safe food and grocery items, grocery stores are safe. In the majority of cases, the food and grocery items you get at a Salvage grocery store are as safe as the food you get in a traditional grocery store. Salvage stores are often inspected and regulated by the government to ensure safety.

At the reclamation center, all the items are inspected for any damage of serious nature before shipping them to the stores. 

Any cans or jars that are broken or leaking, or bulging are immediately thrown away. Generally, on or dented boxes are quite common food is wrapped in plastic and properly sealed. inCase of items like Macaroni or other food items that are Sitting directly in the box are thrown away in case they have torn packaging.

Thus, safety measures are taken seriously in all salvage stores, and you can trust these stores.

How do salvage stores work?

If you are wondering how Salvage stores work, they have a pretty common mechanism. Grocery stores buy their Merchandise from grocery reclamation centers. Then there is the sale of these items to the general public.

There are multiple grocery Reclamation Centres like airplane centers that purchase the items directly from wholesalers, distributors, or even manufacturers. 

In the majority of cases, the items bought by reclamation centers are either discontinued, overstocked, or damaged in one way or the other. These items are then sold to Salvage stores, correctional institutions, dollar stores, food banks, and many other organizations, which then sell these items at a much lower price to the general public.

In the case of some huge grocery store chains such as Albertsons, they even maintain their own grocery reclamation programs where they distribute the damaged goods to local Salvage stores.

These items collected by the Salvage stores are then sold to the general customers at a very shoes discount rate. Now, although the Salvage stores buy in bulk, they allow the Shoppers to buy in smaller quantities only. This is a Win-Win for both the Salvage stores as well as very low-income families.

Final Words

That was it about Salvage grocery stores near you. I hope you all can easily understand how Salvage stores work. In case you still have any queries that need to be addressed, feel free to ask us in the comment section below, and we will be glad to help you out.

Salvage stores or discount stores can be a great option for those who wish to cut back on their spending on grocery items or also low-income families who could not qualify for any government assistance programs. 

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