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Pizza Places That Take EBT

Pizza Places That Take EBT

There are a number of cuisines that are mouth-watering and luring enough to make it one addiction. Pizza is one of the international food that has been loved across the globe. As per many surveys, Americans secure a very high rank in consuming pizzas.

However, the famous SNAP and EBT program does not cover this popular dish in their policy. 

Moreover, any food item that is cooked does not get covered under the EBT scheme. But there are still a number of ways through which an EBT cardholder can enjoy his/her pizza by paying with their EBT card. The following section will guide you to detailed information regarding the topic. Also, a number of Pizza Places stated below accept the SNAP fund.  

What is EBT?

What is EBT?

EBT or Electronic Bank Tranfer a gatway program. A number of people residing in states have enrolled in the program through which they can take advantage of various other subsidies launched by the government. These subsidies and policies are issued in the public interest on a “No profit No loss” basis. Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program or commonly known as SNAP is one of those subsidies. 

It mainly focuses on the healthy diet of the citizens. Consequently, it targets residents that are needy or poor and are not even able to meet the basic nutrition requirement. The main motto of SNAP is to provide financial assistance, that can be redeemed through Electronic Bank Transfers. Therefore, it is an initiative taken by the US Government to enhance and uplift the overall health of their citizens. 

Kindly note that the EBT card has a very integral role to play here. This is a debit card-like device that is linked to your EBT account. Once a cardholder buys a food item, he/she can easily pay through this card as any debit card. The authority that issues this is Fidelity National Information Services (FIS). After receiving the card, the responsibility to take care of the card from any physical damage and keep the PIN secure is of the cardholder. 

RMP: The Restaurant Meal Program 

RMP: The Restaurant Meal Program

As already mentioned, SNAP does not cover the cooked meal under its policy and a number of cardholders are not satisfied with the features of EBT. In 1978, finally, a scheme was issued that majorly focused on the purchasing of cooked meals and food items.

The Restaurant Meal Program or The RMP falls under the Nutrition Assistance (NA). Only a certain group of citizens are allowed to take benefits of this scheme through their EBT  Quest Card.  

It is also mandatory for the recipient to be a member of SNAP in order to receive the funds. However, getting an EBT card with RMP enabled is not a cakewalk. A number of conditions and checks are done before recognizing your household as a deserving one. 

 Conditions that a person must meet-: 

  1. Disabled 
  2. 60 years of age or older 
  3. Homeless without a permanent nighttime residence 

If the family already enrolled in the SNAP benefits satisfies any one of the conditions, then it is eligible to take advantage of the RMP. It should be noted that every person in the family should meet any of the above conditions, only then the scheme will be applicable to them. 

How does RMP works? 

Although, the SNAP program was quite successful in the US. However, some of the loopholes were still present in the scheme which made it useless for a chunk of the masses. SNAP does not use to cover the cooked, hot or prepared food that was sold on the site.

Thus, any homeless, senior citizen or disabled person was not able to use the scheme at its best. It was mainly due to the lack or absence of means to cook the food item that was purchased through SNAP funds. 

In order to fix the fault, the government introduced the RMP. This is also considered the expansion of SNAP. Since the verification process for the deserving recipient was quite complicated the central government left the final decision of expansion to the states. Therefore, the state in which you are residing will finally decide whether the SNAP scheme will be further extended or not. 

As of now, only six states is offering RMP program -: 

  • Arizona
  • Select counties in California
  • Illinois
  • Michigan
  • Rhode Island
  • Maryland

If you are a citizen of any of these states then you can apply for EMP Program. The RMP-enabled EBT Quest card will not work outside of these states and hence, it can only be used in these six states only. 

Other Alternative Methods to Buy Pizza through EBT

Other Alternative Methods to Buy Pizza through EBT

The Restaurant Threshold 

The threshold is basically a test conducted in order to determine the source of sales of a store. For instance, if the majority of the sale of a store comes from the take and bake food items then the restaurant would fall under the restaurant threshold. Therefore, an EBT member who does not have RMP support can easily use their EBT card to purchase food items from such restaurants. 

Grocery Stores 

Grocery stores and general stores do not come under restaurants, as they do not sell prepared and ready-to-eat food. Moreover, the pizzas they sell have to bake at home and then consumed. This makes EBT enable in such stores and hence, SNAP funds can be used to settle transactions of these take-and-bake pizzas. 

Top Pizza Places that accept EBT 

Numerous restaurants are present in a number of states that accept payment through EBT for Pizza. These restaurants are either accepting these transactions through the SNAP” Resutratn Meals program or fall under the restaurant threshold category. 

  • Papa Murphy’s 

With over 1300 outlets in 37 states, Pap Murphy’s is the most popular restaurant chain that offers payment through EBT for any pizza that one orders. This is a take-and-bake pizza chain which is a restaurant threshold. Most of its branches can be found in Washington, California and Oregon

Payments from EBT cards are available in every franchise of these food chains. Generally, take-and-bake pizzas are not considered prepared food items. Also, the consumer can consume the product right at the point of sale. A buyer has to purchase it first and then bake it at their home. Hence, the transaction is seen as a regular grocery purchase. 

  • Pizza Hut 

Pizza Hut is counted among the most famous international brands with exceptional global recognition. The brand is also quite popular for its tagline “No One Out Pizzas the Hut.” One may find different types of breadsticks, chicken wings, pasta, pizza and soda at their outlets. Also, they serve their customers through delivery, pickup and dine-in. 

Only the outlets that come under the province of California accept payment through EBT. Therefore, any other purchase from Pizza hut outside California can not be funded by EBT. 

  • Domino’s 

Domino’s is one of those brands that accept EBT as a legal way of settling transactions. The brand has got over 6,100 stores, spread in the US. Domino’s gained its initial recognition through its brad-based dough which is considered high in gluten. On the other hand, the traditional dough offered by the competitors was low in gluten. 

Domino’s is permitted to accept EBT, only at some specific locations. Moreover, it is also a participant in California and Arizona RMP. States like Arizona (Phoenix and Flagstaff) and California (Alameda, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Luis Obispo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and Ventura counties) are some places where Domino’s can accept EBT. 

  • Little Caesars 

Little Caesars is known for its Breads, soda, and pIzzas that can either be pickup up or delivered to your doorstep. A normal buyer can easily pay through cash, credit card, and Apple pay, famous gateway paying services like Paypal and Google Pay are excluded from this list. 

Similar to other Pizza Places, only selected locations are approved to accept EBT. Payment of Delivery or pick up of pizza or any other prepared food item is strictly not allowed through EBT outside California. Only outlets inside California support EBT. A buyer must follow and satisfy all the norms and conditions related to it in order to become an appropriate member of the scheme. 

  • Papa John’s 

The pizza place accepts SNAP funds in places like Casa Grande, Arizona, and Riverside and Los Angeles counties in California and EBT in some specified locations of Arizona and California. This food chain with 3,100 franchises is available in all 50 states which are take-out pizza places. Some of the popular food items on their menu are BBQ wings, jalapeno popper rolls, garlic knots, Pepsi products,  desserts, and pizzas. 

Cash and credit cards can be used to pay at Papa John’s outlets however, they do not welcome Apple Pay, Google Pay or PayPal are their payment mode. You contact the nearest store to confirm whether they accept Money stamps or not. 

  • Hungry Howie’s 

With a presence in 22 states, Hungry Howi’s is successfully running 5000 pizzaz stores that serve through pickup, dine-in and delivery. One may choose any mouth-watering dish from their wide range of flavored crusts, calzones, oven-baked subs, fresh salads, wings, desserts, Pepsi products, and pizza. The payment option for general buyers is cash, credit, debit and prepaid card.  

The brand is also a participant of the RMP program and even accepts SNAP funds in locations like Arizona in Avondale, Chandler, Glendale, Gilbert, Mesa, Phoenix, Peoria, Scottsdale, Surprise, San Tan Valley, and Tucson.

  • Ameci Pizza and Pasta 

If you are a resident of Los Angeles County, California, then Ameci Pizza and Pasta can be the best pizza place for you. With over 40 outlets in California, Ameci Pizza and Pasta is have now become a renowned name in the local fast food market. Some of the cuisines on their menu are pasta, salad, subs, desserts, and pizza. These are available for either dine-in, pick up or delivery as well. 

The food chain only accepts EBT in Los Angeles and adds tax charges to your bill as per the RMP law. Also, any tip to the waiter or employee is also strictly prohibited from SNAP funds. 

  • Baby Bros Pizza 

The Franchise has 5 sit-down stores in California that offers numerous type of wings, pizza, alcohol, and other tempting food items as well as beverages. Delivery services are also available at the doorstep of customers whereas dine-in and takeout are some other options that a buyer may choose. However, the delivery charges applicable on any delivered order can not be paid through SNAP funds 

Therefore, only the food cost is covered through the EBT program whereas any other charges on top of that will not be entertained under the RMP policy. 

  • Figaro’s Pizza 

Mentioned among the top pizza places, Figaro’s Pizza comes under the category of restaurant threshold and is authorized by USDA. Under this authorization, the firm now can offer some specified food items, take-and-bake pizza being one of them, in all of its locations. Currently, the food chain has its presence in Washington, Oregon, California, Montana, and Texas. 

Some of the popular dishes on their menu are chicken wings, Pizza, take and bake Pizza, appetizers, desserts, lasagna, and calzones. One may easily ask out the store manager regarding the acceptance of EBT in their nearby store. 

  • Irving Pizza 

Renowned in masses for handcrafted Pizzas, Irving Pizza has got a number of outlets in San Francisco, California.  Their wide range of food items includes hand-crafted pizza, fresh meat, and local pizza toppings. The store at all locations is generally open till made night. Consequently, an Irving Pizza store can be the best place to hang out late at night. 

Especially, if you are a resident of San Francisco and also qualify for the RMP program then you make take benefit of SNAP funds and get a delicious hand-crafted pizza for you. One may visit their official website to know more about food stamps and the terms and conditions related to them. 


In a nutshell, there are a number of restaurants that offer pizza while accepting payment through EBT. These restaurants can be found effortlessly in a number of locations in the USA. However, there are also some other ways to purchase them through just EBT, without the RMP program. 

So, make sure to check out your nearest Pizza place to know if they support RMP otherwise, choosing a grocery store or restaurant threshold remains the last option to enjoy your favourite pizza with SNAP funds. 


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