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Free Government Phones in California

You can own a go-to smartphone or iPhone for free in California. The federal government has made it very easy for eligible Californians to get free

Calfresh income limits for 2024

Households that want to participate in CalFresh benefits will need to provide some specific information about their income limits. This is required

How To Check CalFresh Application Status?

The California state government is making a concerted effort to educate and assist residents with their CalFresh applications. It aims to ensure eligible

How to Sell Food Stamps?

Are you looking to sell your food stamps? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that is a terrible idea. In fact, even attempting to sell your SNAP

Why Was My Calfresh Discontinued?

Generally, the county office must send a timely and appropriate notice at least 10 days before it discontinues or terminates someone’s CalFresh

Calfresh Application Form

As the largest food assistance program in California, CalFresh safeguards millions of residents against food insecurity and hunger. It is the state

How To Create A BenefitsCal Account?

With the vision to reach more Californians than ever before, BenefitsCal is an online portal developed by the California Statewide Automated Welfare