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CalFresh Napa County

CalFresh is the primary food assistance program in California. It is the State’s version of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). It aims to promote a healthy diet among its recipients as the program’s benefits can only be utilized on nourishing foods.

It helps to stretch food budgets and subsequently enables qualified individuals and families to afford nutritious food items, including staples, fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meat. All CalFresh recipients get their monthly benefits on a debit-like card, called an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card. 

CalFresh is mainly for low-income households, particularly those with elderly, disabled, and young children. Additionally, SSI recipients, students, homeless people, and immigrants may also qualify. Click here to check your CalFresh eligibility.

The amount of CalFresh benefits is determined by the size of a household, monthly income, and expenses. All CalFresh recipients can buy food from any supermarket, grocery store, or farmers’ market that accepts EBT payments. Use the CA EBT Locator to find all EBT-accepting locations near you.

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In Napa County, the CalFresh program is administered by the Self-Sufficiency Services. In addition to CalFresh benefits, the Self Sufficiency Services also oversees other public assistance programs in the county, including CalWORKs, MediCal, and General Relief. Furthermore, Napa County utilizes the BenefitsCal web portal for its residents to apply for and manage their benefits online.

Applying for CalFresh in Napa County

Applying for the CalFresh food assistance program is easy. You may simply submit an application with just your name, address, and signature to start the application process. You can apply for CalFresh in Napa County in several ways, as described below.

  1. Online: You can submit an online application at the BenefitsCal web portal. You will have to complete the application and present identification and proof of income during the process. You must provide all relevant documentation within 30 days of applying. You can also include additional documents that may help to increase the amount of aid.You can visit the Napa County website for some video tutorials about BenefitsCal.

  2. Fax, mail, or in-person: You can pick up an application form from one of the county offices (listed below), call at 707 253 4511 (toll-free at 800 464 4214) to get it through the mail, or else download it online. Click here to download a CalFresh application form: English and Spanish. You can use the same means to submit the completed form along with the necessary documents. You can drop off the filled application form at one of the CalFresh offices (or put it in the office dropbox), fax or mail it. 

Mailing Address:

Self Sufficiency Services

2751 Napa Valley Corporate Drive

Napa, CA 94558

Fax at: 707 253 6095

Napa County CalFresh Offices

List of Napa County CalFresh Offices

The following is a list of Napa County Self Sufficiency Services office sites that process CalFresh applications and administer benefits.

Napa Office

Address: 2751 Napa Valley Corporate Drive, Bldg A, Napa, CA, 94558

County: Napa

Days: Monday to Friday

Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Phone: 707-253-4511

Get Directions 

Calistoga Office

Address: 1705 Washington St, Calistoga, CA, 94515

County: Napa

Days: Fridays only

Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Phone: 800-464-4215

Get Directions

American Canyon Office

Address: 4381 Broadway St, Suite 101, American Canyon, CA, 94503

County: Napa

Days: Monday to Friday

Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Phone: 800-464-4214

Get Directions 

Napa County CalFresh Login

CalFresh Login of Napa County

Most counties in California, including Napa County, have adopted the BenefitsCal web portal for residents receiving public assistance benefits.

The BenefitsCal web portal is an easy-to-use website that provides eligible residents with a highly comprehensive and simplified experience for applying for and managing their CalFresh benefits. It is available in 21 different languages and can be accessed from any computer, tablet, or mobile device with an internet connection. 

To access your CalFresh account, you must meet two requirements:

  • Have a BenefitsCal account.
  • Link your CalFresh account to BenefitsCal.

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To log into CalFresh through the BenefitsCal web portal, follow the steps described below:

Step 1: Go to the BenefitsCal website.

The first step in logging into your CalFresh account is to visit the BenefitsCal website. Next, click the Log In button located in the top right corner of the homepage.

Step 2: Enter your e-mail address and password.

You must input your sign-in information.After entering the right email address and password, click the Log In button.

Step 3- View your CalFresh account.

Once you have successfully logged in, your customer dashboard will appear in a new window. You will find details about your linked CalFresh case. on the right side of the dashboard.

You can use your BenefitsCal account for various purposes:

  • Apply for CalFresh
  • View your CalFresh case information
  • Manage your benefits
  • Check your EBT balance
  • Upload a document
  • Report a new change about your CalFresh case
  • Submit your Semi-Annual Report (SAR7) and CalFresh Recertification
  • Contact your county office and book appointments

Napa County CalFresh Renewal

CalFresh benefits do not have an expiration date. Rather, they have a specific period of certification, after which your CalFresh eligibility must be reaffirmed. The certification period for the majority of CalFresh-receiving households is 12 months, whereas the certification period for households with elderly or disabled members is 24 months. In order to continue receiving CalFresh benefits in Napa County, you must meet four requirements as follows:

  1. CalFresh Work Rules
  2. Reporting Change in Income
  3. Semi-Annual Report (SAR 7)
  4. Annual CalFresh Renewal and Recertification

Napa County CalFresh Renewal and Recertification Timeline

The timeline of the CalFresh renewal and recertification process is summarized in the table below. The table shows the specific date by which each renewal step must be finished based on the date of your initial CalFresh application.

Napa County CalFresh Recertification

To continue receiving CalFresh, you must submit the recertification application and complete an interview before the end of your certification period. To do so, you must turn in your recertification application by the 15th of the month in which your certification period expires.

Follow these stepwise instructions to successfully complete your CalFresh recertification process:

  • Fill out your CalFresh recertification application form

If possible, answer all the questions on the recertification application; however, it is not obligatory. You can still turn in your application after filling out your name, address, and signature. You should always carefully review your rights and responsibilities before signing the application.

  • Submit the recertification application form

You must submit the signed application form to your county office. You can do so in person, by mail, fax, or online. 

In-person: Drop off the completed and signed recertification application at one of the County Self Sufficiency Services offices. Click here to find a Napa County Self Sufficiency Services office in your area.

Mail: Submit your recertification application form by mailing it to the Napa County Self Sufficiency Services at the following address:

Self Sufficiency Services

2751 Napa Valley Corporate Drive

Napa, CA 94558

Fax: Fax the completed recertification form at 707 253 6095.

Online: In Napa County, you can complete the CalFresh recertification application online through the BenefitsCal web portal. For detailed instructions, read our post ‘CalFresh Recertification Online’ (Insert link).

  • Acceptance of application and scheduling of recertification interview.

The county office will only accept the recertification request if the application form is complete with at least your name, address, and signature. The county office will send you an interview appointment letter once your recertification application is accepted.

  • Attend the recertification interview.

During the interview, a county caseworker will discuss the application form with you and may even ask you relevant questions in regard to your CalFresh recertification. You must present all documents of proof for any changes in circumstances at the time of the interview. You must attend the interview even if you lack all the necessary proof. Your caseworker will assist you in solving all your problems in the recertification process, such as obtaining proof, completing the application form, or making any changes to it.

  • Recertification application decision.

The county will make a decision about your CalFresh recertification on the basis of your application and interview. Subsequently, the county office will mail you a notice of approval or denial of your CalFresh recertification. It may also include a record of any changes made in your CalFresh case, for instance, a change in the amount of benefits you receive.

Napa County CalFresh Helpline

Napa County CalFresh Helpline

If you need any help with your CalFresh benefits, you can contact the Napa County Self Sufficiency Services. To do so, you can call the following numbers:

Main: 707 253 4511

Toll-Free: 800 464 4214

TTY: 800 877 8339

Click here for more information.


The CalFresh program in Napa County is a great resource for eligible residents who are struggling to put food on the table. The program provides monthly benefits that can be used to purchase food at participating retailers, and can help stretch a limited budget. While the program does have some limitations, such as income requirements and asset limits, it is still a valuable resource for those who qualify. If you are struggling to make ends meet, be sure to check out the CalFresh program in Napa County.


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